Salisbury City Council Results

Liberal Democrats gain five new seats on Salisbury's City Council, taking it to No Overall Control.

By Salisbury Liberal Democrats, May 10, 2021 12:05

Liberal Democrats gain five new seats on Salisbury's City Council, taking it to No Overall Control. The council is now made up of 11 Conservatives, six Lib Dems, six Labour and one Independent.

Brian Dalton is re-elected in Harnham West, while Paul Sample and Christine Stanway gain St Edmund's, Alan Bayliss is elected for Milford, and Victoria and Sam Charleston are elected in St Paul's Ward.

Result for Salisbury St Paul's

Candidate Description Votes Elected
CHARLESTON Samuel Adam George LIB DEM 409 *
CHARLESTON Victoria Susan LIB DEM 443 *
CLEGG Paul Michael LAB 333  
FARQUHAR John William CON 341  
FEAR Steven Robert LAB 324  
GOEHL Benji GRN 204  
JARVIS Jane Louisa GRN 196  
MOODY Clare LAB 324  
THOMAS Cathy GRN 287  
WEBB Mary Elsie CON 431 *


Result for Salisbury St Edmunds's

Candidate Description Votes Elected
DOYLE James Lee GRN 236  
FOSTER Amanda Mary CON 417  
HOQUE Atiqul CON 559 *
NORTH Andrew LIB DEM 511  
PAGE Rick GRN 404  
RILEY Peter Robin IND 154  
SAMPLE Paul William Leslie LIB DEM 1111 *
SHEEHAN Finbarr LAB 314  
WOOD Theresa CON 362  
WRIGHT Sue GRN 372  


Result for Salisbury Milford

Candidate Description Votes Elected
BAYLISS Alan Halliday LIB DEM 549 *
HALL Dominique Claire LIB DEM 351  
KING Jo CON 538 *
MCGRATH Charles Samuel CON 637 *
MORTIMER Ewan James CON 444  
PAGE William Hugh GRN 259  
POPE Michael Robert GRN 371  
ROBERTSON James Campbell LIB DEM 398  
TAYLOR Sara Jayne GRN 335  
VINCENT Clive Robert LAB 387  


Result for Salisbury Harnham West

Candidate Description Votes Elected
CUNNINGHAM Paul Eugene CON 479 *
DALTON Brian Edward LIB DEM 815 *
ELCOCK Sherwood GRN 217  
GOLDSMITH Mary Elizabeth IND 424  
MATTHEWS Peter Jolyon Ellis GRN 330  
PRINSLOO Sarah GRN 322  
RIDDLE Annie IND 677 *
SKELTON Colin LAB 187  
STROUD Vern CON 343  


Full results for all the wards are available from the Salisbury City Council.

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