Julian Ellis

Julian Ellis

Name: Julian Ellis

Campaigner for St Francis & Stratford


I have lived in Salisbury most of my life. I attended school here and after University in London, where I studied Engineering, I returned to Salisbury in 1995 to work. 

In 2001, after my firm downsized, I ‘got on my bike’ and for the next 10 years, I worked in Germany where I met my wife, who was also then working abroad. My eldest son was born in The Netherlands. The other two, a boy and girl, were born right here in Salisbury. 

Since returning home to Salisbury, I have seen quite clearly that the area has declined. Roads have potholes, while traffic increases and developers build unchecked, vast new housing estates. My children's school is short of money and staff. Our local hospital is under pressure and the Walk-In clinic hours have been reduced. Even bin collections have been reduced and the city 'Dump' opening hours have been reduced to a 'rump,' leading to fly tipping. 

More recently we have had the challenges of COVID-19 and the Lockdown. Not only has this lead to isolation and fear. But a shocking level of death in our care homes, that is difficult to comprehend. Fallout from the Pandemic has also led to the prospect that many shops in our city will not be reopening. And that other local businesses will close. Unemployment is now a sad reality for some and a threat to many.

I used to confine my political involvement to listening to the Today programme and watching the Andrew Marr Show. However after seeing the mess our country, county and city has gotten itself into, I felt the need to do something. 

Because of our failing government, I have joined the Liberal Democrats. In my view the Liberal Democrats are the only sensible and logical political party in the UK.

Why? Because we need change. To rebuild and reinvigorate Salisbury. To create a vibrant Green Economy that delivers jobs and opportunities. To create a strong Inclusive Society for our children to grow up in and that is safe for us all to grow old in. 

The Liberal Democrats are the Party to do this.

I am honoured to campaign for them in St Francis & Stratford Ward… the Ward where I live.

Facebook: facebook.com/StFranStratLibDems

Twitter: @Jalipa

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