Lib Dems Ready for Harnham West By-Election

By Salisbury Liberal Democrats, May 06, 2022 4:05

Following the resignation of Conservative Councillor, Paul Cunningham, a by-election is to be called shortly in the Salisbury City Council, Harnham West Ward. 

Salisbury Liberal Democrats are ready to fight for the seat and show we are the best alternative to the Conservatives in Harnham.

Liberal Democrat Councillors, as part of the administration on Salisbury City Council are working hard to push forward our vision as a green, listening council for everyone, and we will continue to work with Councillors from across the political spectrum to gain consensus on the council.

Conservative Councillors walked away from a joint leadership agreement last summer and turned their back on working with the rest of the Councillors to achieve the best results for Salisbury.

We wish Paul Cunningham well as he leaves his position on the Council but the decision going forward for the people of Harnham West is simple; support a Liberal Democrat Candidate who will work hard for Harnham, and who will immediately become part of the leadership of the Council and continue to ensure our city is committed to our inclusive, green plan.


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