Tory mismanagement loses city £1.3m investment

I am deeply disappointed that the SWLEP has confirmed the reallocation of the People Friendly Salisbury Scheme funds to Chippenham.

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Building Citizens' Britain

8pm, 27th January: An evening of stimulating discussion on building Citizens’ Britain: a country where every voice is heard, and where we work together to solve the problems we face.

Dr Ian Kearns, Director of Social Liberal Forum, about SLF’s mission to ‘campaign for a Citizens' Britain, one characterised by a massive transfer of power from remote and unaccountable corporations and state institutions to people and their communities.’

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People Friendly Salisbury Mismanagement

The Victoria Charleston and the Wiltshire Liberal Democrats have written to John Glen MP to express our severe concern over the handling of the People Friendly Salisbury scheme.

This comes after it has been revealed that the decision to reallocate Salisbury's £1.3M funding to other parts of Wiltshire had already been made by the SWLEP. 

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Wiltshire Council suspends People Friendly Salisbury scheme

Wiltshire Council has taken the decision to suspend the People Friendly Salisbury scheme indefinitely from the end of this month.


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End the Traffic Chaos in Salisbury

Salisbury is at loggerheads: both physically in terms of the gridlock on our roads, and politically as the community argues valiantly with Conservative run Wiltshire Council about how best to organise our city.

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John Glen MP has thrown British farmers on the scrapheap, Lib Dems warn.

The Liberal Democrats have warned John Glen should “be ashamed” for voting against measures to protect high environmental and animal welfare standards.

Conservative MPs rejected amendments to the Agriculture Bill [04/11/2020] which would have forced the UK Government to ensure that British food and animal welfare standards are maintained in any trade deals.

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Salisbury Lib Dems host a Zoom Pub Quiz

Salisbury Liberal Democrats are hosting a Zoom Pub Quiz on Friday 20th November, 2020 from 8:30pm.

Chairman and Resident Quizmaster Martin Rosell will host an online pub quiz.

This year the quiz has the added bonus of doing it all from the comfort of your own home, guaranteeing a seat and guaranteeing the quality of the catering, although you’ll have to try hard to beat last year’s fish and chip extravaganza.

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Conservative MPs Reject Bid to Protect Post-Brexit Food Standards

MPs have rejected the latest attempt to require imported food meets domestic legal standards from 1 January 2021. 

MPs voted by 332 to 279 to overturn House of Lords amendment 16 to the Agriculture Bill which sought to ensure trade deals at least match UK domestic animal welfare standards. Fourteen Conservative MPs rebelled against their own party, which did not include a single MP from Wiltshire. 

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Lib Dems challenge John Glen MP to oppose PM’s plan to break international law

The Liberal Democrats have today written to John Glen MP and challenged him to oppose Boris Johnson’s attempts to break international law.

The move comes after MPs backed the UK Internal Market Bill at the first hurdle, including Mr Glen. The new law would give the Government the power to override parts of the Brexit agreement with the EU, breaking international law.

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Cross-party cooperation needed for People Friendly Salisbury

I really want People Friendly Salisbury to work. Closing roads and creating a pleasant city centre is lovely but it must come with proper cycle and pedestrian paths, park and ride on Sundays and a solution to the A36.

The lack of buy-in from the city and the outer communities really concerns me. If this goes badly it will delay any opportunities for improvement in the future.

It's ludicrous that a Conservative government, with a Conservative MP, a Conservative council cannot work together to come up with a holistic solution.

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