Lib Dems Win in North Shropshire

By Salisbury Liberal Democrats, Dec 17, 2021 4:12

The Liberal Democrats overcame a majority of almost 23,000 votes to storm to victory in the North Shropshire by-election yesterday. 

The by-election was triggered by the resignation of Owen Paterson after it emerged that he was lobbying for Randox, a company which was awarded multi-million pound contracts by the Government. He was found guilty by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards and later resigned as the Government tried to cover his back. 


Helen Morgan’s emphatic win means that the constituency has its first non-Conservative MP for almost 200 years. Voters turned against the Conservatives in droves, amidst allegations of sleaze, and the blatant flouting of lockdown rules by the Prime Minister and his colleagues last Christmas. 

Voters backed Helen as the local candidate and her plan to fund ambulance services, and to stand up for farmers, bursting Boris’ bubble at the same time.


Salisbury Liberal Democrat Spokesperson and City Council Group Leader, Victoria Charleston said, "It’s clear that the public are fed up with being taken for granted. I’m thrilled by the result in North Shropshire. I applaud Helen Morgan MP, on her victory and I know she will work tirelessly to stand up for the people of North Shropshire. The Liberal Democrats are regaining public trust in politics. Across the country, and especially here in Salisbury, Conservatives should be looking over their shoulder.


"This government needs to wake up and realise that the public will not allow lying and corruption to continue. The Prime Minister has a mountain to climb in order to restore public trust, but he can start by apologising to all families bereaved by Covid-19 for his flouting of Covid regulations last Christmas." 


Wiltshire Liberal Democrat Group Leader, Councillor Ian Thorn said: "Liberal Democrats up and down the country are working hard to hold this Government to account, but more importantly, we're working to represent our residents on the issues that matter to them. Whilst the Conservatives are governing by slogans, and taking the public for granted, my colleagues and I here in Wiltshire are leading the way and standing up for residents. People won’t be taken for granted, and last night's results couldn’t show this any clearer.” 


  • In Chesham and Amersham the Conservative majority of 16,223 became a Lib Dem majority of 8,028.

  • In North Shropshire the Conservative majority of 22,949 became a Lib Dem majority of 5,925.

  • In Salisbury, John Glen's majority is 19,736...


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