Paul Sample


Name: Paul Sample

Wiltshire Councillor and Salisbury City Councillor for Salisbury St Edmund's Ward


I am a Wiltshire man born and bred. I first came to live in Salisbury in September 1977. I met my wife Catherine when we were both at local secondary schools. We got married at St Thomas’s Church in 1985. We have lived in the St Edmunds Ward since 1988 – firstly in St Mark’s Road and then in Queen’s Road. Our two children, Sophia and Robert, went to Wyndham Park and St Mark’s schools. Their Granny and Grandad live almost across the park in Winchester Street.

I first got involved as a community activist in local community campaigns in the 1970s. I fought to save St Edmunds Arts Centre from closure by the Conservative Council. I also campaigned against their plans to build a concrete multi-storey car park on the Central Car Park.

More recently, I was one of the community activists who led the campaign against the destruction of the Secret Garden in 2006. On this issue we ended up fighting the local Council up to the highest Court in the land. I was instrumental in the demolition of the vandalised swimming pool building at the bottom of College Street. I also ensured that the levelled site, on Wyndham Park, was protected from scheduling as residential development land.

Since 2005 I have served my community as a Justice of the Peace (JP) on the Wiltshire Magistrates Bench. I am Chairman of the Adult Bench in Salisbury and Swindon. During the recent pandemic I have been working in St Edmunds Ward to help people get through these difficult times.

  • I am a NHS GoodSAM Volunteer Responder on call 24 hours a day in my local community for the duration of the Covid-19 Pandemic;
  • I am a Volunteer Car Driver doing shopping and collecting prescriptions for vulnerable people in South Wiltshire;
  • I established the Salisbury St Edmunds Community Facebook Group to keep people living in the Ward informed about news and information during the pandemic.

I was first elected to Wiltshire County Council for this Ward in 1993. Thank you for your trust in me these many years. I’ve sorted out thousands of problems, grumbles and complaints for local people over this time. I believe that living in the Ward that you represent and doing casework thoroughly for local residents is the most important thing a Councillor can do these days. I am here to serve you whatever your political beliefs might be nationally. I will always put the interests of the people of St Edmunds Ward first.

Drop me an email: [email protected]

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