Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson

Name: Richard Johnson

Vice-Chair and campaigner Bemerton Heath


For the last four years Salisbury has suffered from inept leadership who kowtow to their political superiors in Trowbridge and Westminster. We’ve seen the Conservatives try to force through ridiculous, ill-considered, plans to move our Tourist Information Centre and our Library. We’ve seen more pay-to-use toilets introduced and public rows between councillors and constituents. 

It’s time we demand better for Salisbury.

Richard was born and raised in Wiltshire. He studied computer science first at Salisbury College and then at Solent University. Richard works as a Network Software Engineer at a local company which specialises in the arcane art of connecting mobile phone networks together. He has a passion for photography and recently completed an additional A-Level in the subject, back at Salisbury College.

Richard became involved with the local Liberal Democrats prior to the 2017 General Election. His photography became a key component of Paul Sample’s online and print campaign. Since then Richard has helped coordinate local Lib Dem campaigns against brexit and their highly successful European Election Campaign. He has served on the executive committee since 2017 and currently serves as Vice Chair.




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