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For as long as I can remember, Salisbury Library has been at the centre of the Salisbury community. Wiltshire Council's plan to relocate Salisbury Library to a new facility underneath a Travelodge will reduce the library’s capacity by 70%. Sign the Salisbury Library Petition.

Charlotte James explains why she is leading the campaign to ensure Salisbury doesn't lose out in this redevelopment.

This to me is very worrying because we don’t know whether the new facility will have the capacity to continue to offer all the services they currently provide, such as access to computers.

This is vital for people who can’t afford a computer but need to access the internet, to bid for a council property or apply for benefits. The library also runs a variety of activities for children. What will happen to all this? If you’re a parent with very little money and you have small children, the library is a great place to take your little ones.

Will the new library be as inviting? Have the council given any thought as to where the Young Gallery is going to go?

Last month the Guardian reported that in 2018 almost 130 public libraries closed across Britain. I am worried that this proposed move is just closure by the back door and that Salisbury Library will be included in these statistics soon.

If, like me, you disagree with this proposed move, then please sign and share my petition.

charlieHi, my name is Charlotte James and I have lived in Salisbury all my life. I became a Liberal Democrat just before the 2015 election. They are the only political party I can get behind.

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