Paul Sample launches Salisbury Post Office Petition

A number of residents have written to me about the deterioration of the service provided by the Post Office in Salisbury. Read about my priorities for Post Office customers in Salisbury.

By Paul Sample, Mar 30, 2021 10:03

A number of residents have written to me about the deterioration of the service provided by the Post Office in Salisbury.


There are a number of reasons for the deterioration in service and the increase in waiting times:

  • The closure of the Central Post Office, Castle Street;
  • The commercial failure of the Post Office operation in Winchester Street;
  • The temporary closure of the much-loved High Street Post Office (a decision taken by the shop owner);
  • The failure of the Post Office to re-open a branch in the centre of the City, as they promised to do;
  • A huge increase in the number of people living and working from home and using the Waitrose Post Offices at all times of the day - not just after work;
  • The increase in parcel volumes caused by on-line shopping (Amazon, e-Bay, etc);
  • The slow-down in customer processing which comes with operating a retail operation during a pandemic, and;
  • The growth in the population as a result of expansion of housing estates at Fugglestone, Longhedge etc.


The post office does not operate in the UK in quite the same way as the big nationalised post offices do in many European countries. 

It is poor at strategic planning. Large branches are run by “Main” operators. Waitrose is a good example. “Local Post Offices” are run by private businesses-owners who add a post office to their existing retail outlet (The High Street Post Office). 

There is a very good explanation of the different types of Post Office operation on this web page.


The priority for Post Office customers in Salisbury should be:

  • To hold the Post Office to its promise to re-open a main branch in the City Centre;

  • To put pressure on the Post Office to help the owner re-open the High Street branch as soon as possible;

  • To press for the creation of another counter - specifically for the speedy dropping off of parcels at Waitrose;

  • Through the planning process, to ensure that future housing developments have post offices;

  • To press for the installation of on-street Automated Parcel Drops (UPS have these). 


Some of this is long-term and may take several years to achieve.

While the High Street branch remains closed, the Post Office is urging residents to use alternative post offices that remain open.

  • Bishopdown Post Office, One Stop Store, Barrington Road.
    Revised opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 8.30–5.30pm.
  • Bemerton Heath Post Office, Pembroke Road, Salisbury, SP2 9DJ.
    Revised hours: Monday to Friday: 7am – 9pm; Saturday and Sunday: 8am – 9pm.


Using one of the alternative Post Offices listed above is, of course, totally impractical if you don’t have access to a car.

I have just created a petition on this issue. You can sign it online here:


Salisbury Post Office Petition



Paul Sample JP, Liberal Democrat candidate for St Edmunds.



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