Manifesto for Salisbury

By Salisbury Liberal Democrats, Apr 06, 2021 8:04

This manifesto sets out the Liberal Democrats’ programme to transform Salisbury for the benefit of its residents and its environment.

We are asking the voters of Salisbury to give the Liberal Democrats the chance to take a new approach, working with all of you to make this city a national leader in how to run a council for its people’s benefit.

We are seeking the public’s support to take leadership of the council in the 2021 local elections so that we can work with residents and communities to recover from the impact of Novichok, coronavirus pandemic and build a stronger, greener, more prosperous, more caring and more progressive city. The council needs more courage and vision to take on the challenges of the future and do better for its residents.



Liberal Democrats commit to ending the traffic chaos in Salisbury

Our roads are gridlocked and potholed, our public transport is in slow decline, whilst the plans to promote cycling and walking have been ‘indefinitely’ put on hold by Conservative run Wiltshire Council.

Our plan is to invest in public transport, encourage walking and cycling, and accelerate the transition to ultra-low-emission transport – reducing the impact of transport on the environment and improving people’s health.”
Liberal Democrat Policy

Salisbury demands better.

We believe that there is a desperate need to review, reorganise, and renew our entire transport infrastructure in a holistic way.

Immediate Priorities

  • A wide scale review and consultation of our whole transport infrastructure to create a strategy fit for the 21st century.
  • A review of parking and charges in the city to encourage footfall.
  • Fixing our pavements and potholes.




Liberal Democrats are listening

From a lack of consultation and engagement, to a feeling of the will of Wiltshire Council being imposed upon the communities it serves, Salisbury has been poorly served by the move to a remote, unitary council.

We will drive a devolution revolution to give power to people and communities and help fund the services that people need.”
Liberal Democrat Policy

Salisbury demands better.

We have a vision for not just listening to communities but putting power back in their hands.

Immediate Priorities

  • Establishing area board forums with funding and power to bring decision-making closer to communities.
  • Convening a citizen’s assembly of local people to discuss and debate major issues from environmental policy to social care.
  • Embrace digital solutions to enable more people to be involved and engaged.




Liberal Democrats will create a thriving Salisbury

Salisbury is struggling from Novichok, Covid and the rise of online shopping, whilst being stifled by a lack of investment and innovation.

We need thriving businesses to create wealth and jobs.”
Liberal Democrat Policy

Salisbury demands better.

We will work with businesses and communities to build a city that is a thriving place to live and work.

Immediate Priorities

  • Supporting local businesses through better infrastructure, prioritising vocational training, and using local suppliers as a council.
  • Commit to proper street maintenance and cleanliness.
  • Putting community policing back in the heart of our neighbourhoods.




Plan for Wiltshire

The manifesto for Wiltshire sets out the policies we want to implement over the next four years and the immediate priorities that we would act upon in the first few weeks after taking office. Read the full plan here:


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