Martin Rosell


Name: Martin Rosell

Campaigner for Redlynch and Landford


I live in Nomansland in the New Forest on the eastern edge of the constituency and have lived in and around the area for over thirty years. 

I have always been interested in politics, my father was a Liberal councillor in the 70s, but my interest became focussed following the 2016 Referendum, when I joined the Liberal Democrats.

Since then I’ve been involved in local elections, by elections, 2 general elections and the last European election (for a while at least).

I firmly believe in Britain being a strong and committed member of the European Union, a strong and committed member of NATO and a leader in international support and aid in the third world.

At home I live in a Rural community and am concerned about the effects of Brexit on our farmers and associated industries, my Wife is a senior Wound Care Nurse and I worry about the effects of the current government’s policies and ten years of budget cuts and political interference in the NHS.

Living where I do I have an understanding of and interest in the issues of Rural public transport, isolation and community policing. Wiltshire’s police are a service we can be proud of but their numbers are limited and it’s a big county.

Outside of politics you will often find me running across the Forest, I have completed over 40 marathons as far afield as New York and Chicago as well as closer to home in London and Europe.



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